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When staying in Tasmania there are a plethora of styles of accommodation to satisfy any need. From unique bed and breakfast experiences, to five star living in secluded parts of this magical island state. Book hotels in Tasmania is easy once you decide where you want to go.

Book Hotels in Southern Tasmania

Hobart is the capital city, with its convict era buildings in Salamanca precinct which is set among the waterfront docks. Scattered with water vessels of various description, this can be a safe option as it is close to the city CBD. The city is a cheaper option and is only a five minute walk to Salamanca.

Sandy Bay is down along the river from Hobart is where the Casino can be found. North of the city is North Hobart which has an amazing selection of bars and restaurants only two or three kilometers north of the city.

North of the State

In the north of the state there is Launceston which hosts the annual MONA FOMA festival. This city can be a little colourful at regular times but can come alive during the MONA celebrations. There is also Devenport where the car ferry goes to the Port of Melbourne, and Burnie an industrial town. Additionally, there are many smaller towns that have a unique character.

East Coast of Tasmania

All along the East Coast of Tasmania are beautiful white sand beaches the are mainly easily accessible hike to get to. Wine Glass Bay is a hike to get to, however you will be rewarded with this hidden gem that can not be compared to any other. St Helens is another not to miss spot on the East Coast of Tasmania. This is accessible by car and has some amazing camping places that will leave you speechless.

If you need a car to get you there, check out the Hire a Car page for some great deals. C Tas Tours Tasmania Australia